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Procurement for tea raw materials all year round
1. The procurement of tea types:
①black tea (Gongfu black tea, broken black tea, CTC black tea, etc.)
②green tea (Chaoqing, Hongqing,Zhengqing tea, etc.)
③Oolong tea (tieh-kwan-yin, narcissus, color species ,Danzong tea, etc.)
④flower tea (jasmine tea, osmanthus tea, etc.)
⑤organic tea: the pollution-free tea in line with the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture
⑥Special Tea: special tea raw materials customized according to the company’s processing methods.
2.The basic requirements of quality tea
Requirements: the tea is fresh, pure flavor, no smell (smoke, library smell, nothing but tea inclusions);
The head shape of tea between the particles of the 6-40; tea moisture content ≤ 7%, flower tea ≤ 9%.
3.Procurement volume:

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